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summer solstice

Guru Dev is here!

Posted on 2008.07.11 at 19:34
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Guru Dev Singh, the only person Yogi Bhajan designated as a sant or saint, will return to Virginia this weekend
July 13-15. He will be doing healing appointments and teaching both a meditation class and a healing intensive of Sat Nam Rasayan.
He will be teaching a Sat Nam Rasayan Healing Intensive this Sunday, July 13th from 10am-5. Pre-registration ends tomorrow so we can get an accurate count for the vegetarian meal which is included. Space is very limited since it will be at Darshan's Home studio, so please register right away if you want to attend this course. Please call or email to pre-register.
Guru Dev Singh will also teach a Meditation / Yoga Class on Monday evening, July 14, from 7-9 at the Sterling Yoga Center, 6 Export Drive Sterling, VA. The class will focus on Managing Anxiety and Addictions. In this special meditation and yoga class, Guru Dev Singh teaches yogic tools to deal with anxiety and cope with our challenging and changing world. To manage and release anxiety , we need to experience Shunia, the inner silence. This experience alone allows you to observe with clarity the waves of sensations, feelings, and thoughts to recognize the moment where your are pulled into the drama of addictive tendencies and anxiety. Anxiety affects the quality of your life. Chronic anxiety affects your relations with other people as it decreases tolerance and flexibility in daily life and stifles creativity. Let the meditations taught in this class give you an experience of deep clam and non-reaction.

Participation is by pre-registration by July 13th. If you want to attend, please contact Darshan Kaur at 703-742-9642 or email back to this email address.
Private Appointments are all filled but Guru Dev Singh will be back August 10-12. Appointments are being booked now for those dates. If you want an appointment, please call 703-742-9642 or email back to this email address.

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