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Finding Your Voice

Posted on 2008.07.11 at 19:39
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Sat Nam!

On July 20th I will be teaching a workshop called Finding Your Voice.
It will consist of kundalini yoga sets and meditations for opening
and expanding the throat chakra. We will also chant together to live
musical accompaniment.

Through my experience of doing these yoga sets and meditations, I have
grown in awareness and effectiveness in communicaiton as well as
singing ability. You don't have to be a musician or even sing in key
to benefit from learning to use the sound current to heal and draw
love and prosperity into your life.

I am very blessed to have come in contact with these teachings and am
honored to share them with you!

The workshop will be held at 6 Export Dr., Sterling VA. We will start
at 3pm and go until 6pm.
Please feel free to call me with any questions you have:

Devinder Kaur
AKA Lisa Hauer

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